In making the Routes Podcast I realized I was assuming a pretty high level of trail-related knowledge. Here is some basic information for terms and trails and people that have come up (this list will be growing over time)

thru-hike – hiking the entirety of a trail in one season
section-hike – hiking the entirety of a trail over more than one year
Triple Crown – the AT + PCT + CDT
Triple Crowner – one who has thru-hiked all three Triple Crown trails

Pacific Crest Trail / PCT – 2650mi from CA to WA (
Continental Divide Trail / CDT – ~2800mi from NM to MT (
Appalachian Trail / AT – 2200mi from GA to ME (

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Grand Enchantment Trail / GET – 770mi from Phoenix,AZ to Albuquerque,NM. Created by Brett Tucker. (
Sky Islands Traverse / SkIT – 500mi across 10 of Southern Arizona’s most iconic “sky island” mountain ranges. Created by Brett Tucker. (
Northern New Mexico Loop / NNML – Created by Brett Tucker. (more info)
Lowest to Highest Route / L2H – Route from the lowest point in the US (Badwater, -279’) to the highest (Mt. Whitney, 14505’). Created by Brett Tucker. (

Vagabond Loop – A 3000 mile loop in the American Southwest, combining the Grand Enchantment, Arizona, and Hayduke Trails as well as a new segment from Moab to Albuquerque. Created by Dirtmonger. (overview map)
No Name Route – A route from Mexico to Canada, focusing on the empty places on the maps in the west, going through CA+NV+ID. Created by Dirtmonger.
Great Basin Traverse – the Nevada section of the No Name Route. (more info)

Hot Springs Trail – 2400mi trail focused on connecting hot springs, farmers markets, and remote peaks. Split into sections: Coast Connect Trail, High Sierra Hot Springs Trail, Nevada Trail, Idaho Soaktennial Trail. Created by Aria Zoner. (more info)
7 Summits of the Siskiyou Trail – 450mi trail linking the highest points in 7 wilderness areas in Northern California. Created by Aria Zoner. (more info)

Arizona Trail / AZT – 800mi up the middle of Arizona.
Great Divide Trail / GDT
– 1100km through the Canadian Rockies, picking up where the CDT leaves off.

Brett Tucker – American Southwest trail creator extraordinaire. Creator of the Grand Enchantment Trail, Lowest to Highest Route, Northern New Mexico Loop, Sky Islands Traverse. Trailname “Blisterfree” and affectionately known as “the water whisperer” for his ability to find water in arid places. (
Ryan Sylva “Dirtmonger” – Routes Podcast ep.1 guest. Creator of the Vagabond Loop and Great Basin Traverse. (
Aria Zoner – Routes Podcast ep.2 guest. Creator of the 7 Summits of the Siskiyou and Hot Springs Trail. (
Buck 30 – Accountant / adventurer who has found a way to get out every single summer. Double triple crowner and current thru-hiker of the Hot Springs Trail.
Alexander McNaughton – Routes Podcast ep.3 guest. (