previous times:

Shawn Forry had the previous unsupported record of 10d19h5m. With this time he also had the self-supported record, in which you are allowed to resupply (although he did not).

I passed Brandon Stapanowich on day 3 when he was on day 8 of his self-supported FKT attempt. He ended up with the time of 9d14h28m, besting Shawn Forry’s self-supported time. My goal was to break both the unsupported and self-supported time, so this became the new time to beat. I found out about his new time on my last morning after I had accidentally fallen asleep for 7 hours and thought I had blown it.

my time:

I finished with a time of 9d12h32m, setting a new unsupported and self-supported FKT.

end of day mile (cumulative miles)

  1. 51.3 (51.3) [starting at 4:55AM]
  2. 97.9 (46.6)
  3. 142.0 (44.1)
  4. 189.1 (47.1)
  5. 238.5 (49.4)
  6. 287.2 (48.7)
  7. 343.2 (56.0)
  8. 392.6 (49.4)
  9. ~434.2 (~41) [unplanned sleep, didn’t check mile, short day]
  10. 484.6 (51) [finishing at 5:32PM]

daily food breakdown:

  • 3 Clif bars
  • 2 Probar meal bar
  • 3 Sunbelt bakery chocolate dipped granola
  • 5 fruit roll ups
  • 2 fiber one oat and chocolate bars
  • 2 Justin’s almond butter packets
  • 1 pb snickers
  • 1 natural calm magnesium supplement
  • 1 crystal light citrus
  • 2 carnation breakfast
  • And then a couple of the following bonus items: 10 packets fruit snacks, bag of peanut butter pretzels, symphony bar, pb mms, gushers, Swedish fish


  • Pa’lante Packs Colorado FKT pack prototype
  • Zpacks hexamid solo plus tent
  • 6 titanium stakes
  • Polycryo groundsheet
  • 1/8″ torso sleeping pad
  • Katabatic Palisade quilt
  • Cuben drysack
  • 2 1L bottles
  • Montbell tachyon wind pants
  • Montbell versalite rain jacket
  • Melanzana grid fleece hoody
  • Hat
  • Sunhat
  • 2 pair nylon dress socks
  • Running shorts
  • Cotton vacation shirt
  • New Balance MT10v4
  • 1oz hand sanitizer
  • Travel sunscreen
  • Short toothbrush
  • Travel toothpaste
  • 3 Flossers
  • 13400mah ravpower battery
  • Sony RX100m3 camera
  • Extra camera battery
  • Extra 64gb sd card
  • Moto G phone w/ Guthook CT app
  • $1 Walmart headphones
  • Olite e3s flashlight
  • 3 extra AAA batteries

Seems like a lot in a list like that, but it doesn’t seem like much in person with the lil things in a couple lil baggies

Before I ever hiked and would just ride my bicycle around the country I loved to challenge myself to do more miles. Centuries and double centuries on a fully loaded touring bike. Waking at first light and riding till dark and repeating day after day. The more ground I covered the fuller the experience. Now that I have fallen in love with hiking, hiking big miles has led me to be interested in the FKT scene.

While on the PCT leading up to my decision to go for the CT FKT, I met Arno and he wrote this about one of our days together:

“If this doesn’t work out,” [John Z] said, “I’m going to Colorado.” He meant: If the PCT does not turn out to be the hike I should be hiking.

“What will you do in Colorado?” I asked.

“I’ve been looking at the Colorado Trail,” he said, “and I’m pretty sure I could get the FKT.” FKT is hiker talk for Fastest Known Time. I loved how casual he was about this. Now I am not an FKT kind of guy. In fact, it’s kind of cool in the long-distance world to look down on FKT culture, because they have to focus on mileage so much that, the theory goes, they do not properly enjoy the trail. But John really humanized that world for me. I could see in him great joy at being fast. It helps that he looks a bit batty, all smiles and wacky hair. It wasn’t masochistic, I realized. He was like a part of me that had been taken to its logical conclusion.

“To try and hike a trail that fast,” he said, “you really have to love it. You sort of have to sacrifice yourself to it.” I could totally understand that.

We walked into the dark, wet canyons of northern Yosemite. Just talking it all over.