7 Peaks of Utah Valley

Yesterday afternoon I broke focus from my computer and decided to go up Mt Timpanogos. Only about 10 miles away from where I lived for 10 months, but was still my first time up and was a fantastic little mini adventure that reminded me of how wonderful the Wasatch Range is. So today I decided to map out a thing I’ve been thinking about for a while, a high route traverse that touches the 7 Peaks in the southern Wasatch, just east of Utah Valley. Time’s really running out for non-wintery conditions up high so I’m going see if this route can work out sometime in the next couple weeks. Below is the mapset I’ll be bringing along, featuring some unproven off-trail travel that might have some potential to get pretty engaging. My goal for the first attempt will be to scope out the area and make improvements on the route. It should be about 110 miles and features a fair amount of steep off-trail scrambling, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂



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  • Good Luck with the route I love it! I know know where the water park got its name. I hope you are able to get it in before any more significant snowfall on the route. The Neebo loop road is so beautiful i have driven on it I hope you enjoy the hike in that area its got some great views to the north of Utah lake and all of happy valley (utah county). On the south end of the Neebo loop area there is a really cool spot called Mini Bryce Canyon that looks strikingly similar to the formations in Bryce hope you get to check that out along the way. Enjoy the hike looking forward to some videos of it eventually.

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